For many years our team has developed IoT systems for many application domains. When we define IoT we mean end-to-end IoT solution development requiring a broad range of skills including embedded system design, cloud architecture, application enablement, data analytics, security design and back-end system integration.

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Schematic design

Creating the schematics from the scratch is the most important part of the design. Here the symbols of the components are chosen and placed in the work sheet, then electrical connections are made manually, nets are created and pin labels written. After completing the schematics an ERC (Electric Rule Check) is run. Missing connections, short circuits and many other errors are detected by the ERC. Having a non-working board is a taboo at our work.

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PCB Design

The result can only be achieved if we know what the requirements concerning each component are, as well as how they couple with each other. Going to the basics as to what type of capacitors, resistors, inductors and protection circuitry we need is crucial.

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We do more technology so you can do more human.

With your idea at the beginning of the journey and our product at the end of it, at Telenetronics your request meets an end-to-end process.


Telenetronics deals with providing solutions in telecommunications, networking and electronics operating as an interconnected development organ giving you end products combining all technologies or specific use cases.

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