Power Electronics Design

Solar panel development We can’t cover the Sahara desert with solar panels to power the globe, but we can start with our own buildings. Utilizing the solar energy is the smartest thing we can do in the 21st century for a green power production. Our company plans to turn 50% of electricity consumption from solar energy in the next 5 years, by the services we develop ourselves.

Power semiconductors

Our engineers have developed semiconductor devices used as switches or rectifiers in power electronics.

Power conversion

Voltage converters, HVDC converter stations, AC to DC, AC to AC, DC to DC, DC to AC converters, inverters are in our scope of study and development to make them more monitored with computers, thereby increasing accuracy in conversions as well as minimize power loss.

Battery management system development

Battery management system (BMS) taken as a revolutionary energy management solution in modern electric vehicles and bikes lays in our scope as well. Integrated in our electric bikes we achieved to make power consumption controlled with minimal energy waste. Thanks to the programming of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, each cell can be programmed as a separate unit or a battery pack, therefore allowing precise monitoring of the energy levels, taking care of the health and life of the battery. Taking safety as a top priority BMS protects from the system operating outside its safe operating area thereby avoiding burning of batteries.

Low power systems

Watches, mobile devices and other computing technologies utilize electrical power managed by low power systems. On-board converters have a complex circuitry which our electronic engineers constantly work on.

Off-the-line switchmode power supplies (SMPS)

Electronic power supplies that incorporate a switching regulator to convert electrical power efficiently transfer power from a DC or AC sources mainly AC adapters to DC loads, like computers.