IOT Solutions

For many years our team has developed IoT systems for many application domains. When we define IoT we mean end-to-end IoT solution development requiring a broad range of skills including embedded system design, cloud architecture, application enablement, data analytics, security design and back-end system integration. Our application domain in focus is healthcare and food production. Such a success story is the Mushroom Automated Comtrol System (MACS) we developed with other companies in Macedonia. For the producers this meant maximum control over the mushroom production with minimal losses. The system was made of sensory technology which monitored four parameters: the air temperature, soil temperature, soil humidity and CO2 concentration in the air. According to set threshold parameters any changes in these parameters triggered automated regulation systems to react whether it be to turn the fans on, increase/decrease temperature or turn the irrigation system on. What we included in IoT?

Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers, Wearables and “Hearables”

The influx of personal devices has lead the wearables market to thrive. In a recent report it is predicted for the industry to reach above 520 million units by 2025. Our team has developed waterproof fitness trackers in many occasions very successfully. The fitness tracker is connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth having access to the cloud. Time of exercising, heart rate curve and calorie loss are stored in the cloud to keep track on your improvements.

Smart Cities: Energy, Transportation, Parking and More

Green energy production is the top priority in the last years. To give our contribution to the awareness on this matter, we voluntarily built over a hundred public energy grids in the region working on solar energy. Another use case is the digital parking tracking. Huge parking lots are supplied with systems which count free parking spaces and show them on monitors on the entrances. Healthcare Devices which track patients wellbeing or collect information about alarming emergency situations are placed in the monitoring devices in healthcare to prevent unwanted outcomes. The diabetics make use of the on-body continuous glucose monitoring system.

Smart Agriculture

Farmers increased their profit with the invention of livestock tracking systems. An animal going beyond a dedicated grassland will report to the farmer to act immediately by a vibration or beeping alarm. In